The story started with two friends hearing the hero Launchu who had disappeared for many years came up. About ten years ago, in order to learn knowledge of engineering, gardener’s son Launchu replaced his master’s son to go to the Imperial College of Engineering. At this school, students were only judged by their grades because “poor grades mean no future”. But Launchu didn’t want to drift with the current. He just wanted to learn what he liked rather than pursuing high grades. He affected others with his cheerfulness humor and kindness and broke the cramming system through his wisdom. In the process, he gradually helped his two friends realize their real dreams. At the end of the movie, Launchu became an honored scientist and his friends also achieved their dreams.
   On the one hand, the movie is not perfect. I think for a movie which wants to reflect the reality, it’s a little idealistic. It seems that Launchu was a life winner. However, in reality, we are leading the opposite life. We are fighting for the high grade point average, for the opportunity to go abroad. We are facing the realistic and cruel life. It’s too difficult to be Launchu.
  On the other hand, the film is an excellent comedy. In the process of studying, Launchu and his friends always did some funny tricks and sometimes messed things up. So I believe you will roll in the aisles when you are watching the film. And someone commented that “this is the sort movie you’ll take home with a smile and song on your lips”. But at the same time, it’s not just a comedy. The film is a real reflection of educational reality. It shows the weakness of the cramming system. At the beginning of the movie, the headmaster gave the speech “life is a race, run fast or you'll be trampled. Even to be born, one had to race 300 million sperms”. In this best Indian college, everyone are under significant pressure. Nobody cares if you are learning useful knowledge. The scores represent everything. The school is full of pressure, suicides and humiliations which are also the Indian common social problems. This is a comedy that makes audience “smile and tears”. From this movie, I learned that maybe we can not change our situation, but we can change ourselves. We can’t change the education system, but hold our dreams and do what we really like, it’s the happiest and the easiest way to success.
  In general, it’s a film that deserves to watch many times, and the movie shows mesmerizing scene, for those who want to see Bollywood color, costumes, decor and, of course, many songs and dances, there are all here at Three idiots.

Please neglect the terrible Chinese translation of the movie title <三傻大闹宝莱坞>,which made me think of its related to comedy or something and feel so bored about this movie two years ago. And to tell you the truth, according to the answers of most people, it will guide you in a wrong a way due to the Chinese title. Until now, I have watched this fabulous movie produced by Indian Movie Factory. I was so struck dumb with surprise and there is no words could describe it. Yes, I have to say, this horrible Chinese movie title nearly destroy this splendid film. Everyone should and ought to see the movie 3 IDIOTS by your heart. Because it just like a person who can bring the best in you in a way that you never fully realized on your own. Honestly, I was touched deeply by it and really would like to share my feelings with on it with all of you.
Here we go. Firstly, the movie 3 IDIOTS is basically adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller debut novel 5 Point Someone, thought he is credited in Titles producer says it is an original story, which for seems impossible because more than 80% of movie is based on book. I have to thank the intelligent writer very much, it is him who gave me a chance to refresh myself.
I prefer to call this movie THE PURSUIT OF DREAM rather than 3 IDIOTS. Why? Because this film is around dream, around the young people’s dream with pure mind although the headmaster “virus” always regard these 3 university students as big idiots in this movie’s story. Actually, the director of this film used the way of sarcasm to let the whole story against the bad sides of exsiting society. So in other words, the headmaster in the film is a very idiot.
Secondly, I call it THE PURSUIT OF DREAM, probably some people would associate with the movie THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. You are right! I really want everyone to think over the word Dream just they do on the Happiness. Most people say these two movies have a same theme that tell us a belief of life and we should struggle for life. Certainly, we all young people have dreams in our heart and we put a lot of effort into realizing it. However, facing the reality, we have no choice but to follow the orders asked by exsiting education system, which force us to abandon our dreams. What a pity!
I am sure all of you have been asked the question when you were a child like this “what are you going to be in the future? Doctor, lawyer or a scientist?” And do you still remember your answer at that time? Have you been reached your goals? Probably we need to think it over and over again. Someone likes playing football, so his answer is to be a football player in the future; someone loves playing the piano, so to be a musician is his or her dream.
 As we all know that people who shows much interests in their hobbies will get more happiness through it. And because of the true happiness from the bottom of heart, they could go forward on the way of achieving goals. BUT, the exsiting education system ruined our dream into pieces. Like the story performed in this movie, Farhan, a young boy who is very keen on photography and eager to formally request to become Rinstaph’s pupil. He always has a mind that one day he could as successful as Rinstaph, a Dutch man who is famous for photography all of the world. However, although Farhran has great aspiration, there is no other way for him to choose but to be a yes-man in front of his parents and the dead end exsiting education system. How poor Farhran is! And what can he do? The only way to be successful is breaking the traditional rules! The only way to realize his dream is breaking the exsiting education system! We don’t need the to be No.1, we don’t need to get high marks, we don’t need the knowledge from the cramming method of teaching! Just like the famous saying said by Rancho in this movie “All you have been fell into the crap of competition, what it brings to you when get No.1? Nothing! This is a university, not a pressure cooker!” So marvelous words that hit my head deeply. That’s right, we have to fight for the pursuit of dream instead of being a bird without wings.
Thirdly, every time, when I capture the scene that Farhran, Raju and Rancho who are thought of 3 idiots are struggling to reach their goals under great pressure, I would cry. I cry for their courage that question the efficiency of exsiting education system, and I cry for their courage that realize their dreams persistently.
At last, I would like to emphasize the positive sides of this movie, which will give us a big map on how can we realize our dream and insist on our dreams. It is a movie that taught us we ought to fight for dreams instead of always being a yes-man in front of difficulties. Born to win!  

Executive summary: By telling this film I can show 3 points that sometimes we should know what we want to be instead of being stupid as a goose which just live a life but know nothing, we are human being that means we have the thought, the goal and the desire. Furthermore by this movie I realized that life is not to feed our need just like food or the cloth but the inner demand of our spirit. We should follow the flows of life as meantime try our best to meet our satisfaction and find the true joy of life though it combine with the pain. At last the movie told us that ‘All good things must come to an end.’ There is no absolutely possession or the absolutely losing; there is no boundless winter or the everlasting summer. We always are the one, as the old going said ‘we should live with a bright heart though sometimes we should say goodbye to each other.’

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Introduction of the content: Basically say it was a story about New York, summer, friend, and grow up .The film of “Like Sunday like Rain” describe a story centers on a little rich boy called Reggie who was a genius lived a lonely life in Manhattan. At the same time the girl called Eleanor who was a musician eager to go to the new place and a fresh job because of the alienation of his family and the lazy boyfriend lets her tired besides she lose her only job to feeding herself .The arrangement of fate let them meet together and know each other and the story was just beginning. Eleanor began to find a job of baby-sitter and she fortunately got it. The first day she went to school to pick him up .she found Reggie was play the cello and she was touched by his musical performance, though they have a disagreement of weather go to home by private car, however the first meeting is not that so bad .they have the happy time, know each other and take care of each other not in the surface but in the deep heart, although Reggie was only a 12 years old boy. Most of time is reading enjoy the sunshine in the park or having a nap in the lazy summer’s afternoon. Occasionally they is some terrible stuff around them but is can always be solved. And Reggie knew that that Eleanor was a trumpet player, this let their hearts more closely. As the story goes on, they accompany each other; read each other; teach each other; know more not only the fundamental knowledge but also the change in each heart and begin to have different feelings and grow up. It’s because the changes of heart Eleanor decides to leave and purse her musical dream. The memories were so beautiful and unforgettable though they depart.

As we all know ,if one is in the confusing of what he should or not is means that he need to read more book ,we have many model in our daily life ,we can find answer in the book and know how we should do ,we all know that ‘Books are the ladder of human progress ‘ only we read more can we get a peaceful heart, just as the old saying in our Chinese book ‘So long as one keeps calm, one doesn't feel the heat too much.’ We should learn how to keep calm and then have a desire to find your own and peruse it without giving up.

In a word, what the film taught me is that we should cherish the friendship around us. Besides we should try our best to find what we truly want to be and never give up. Moreover if we are so lucky to meet the one we love, we cannot force him or her to stay, we should always have an independent heart and never bound others to be better. The best love we can have is that all of us can make progress and try the different fields at the same time, the best love is not the one chase another all the time but built at the same height so that we can enjoy the temperature of love. The appropriate temperature of love is 37℃, no more and no less just right.

Research of Object:In this part I have 3 purposes of my report.

First:The love and friendship

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